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Salaries of librarians with an ALA certified education are nearly $5,000 more than librarians without certified degrees.

There are more than 200,000 librarians employed in the USA and approximately 80% of them are women. Roughly two thirds of them work at a public library and the rest work at private institutions or non-profit organizations.

Surveys consistently show that librarians report lower stress levels from work than many other professions. No job is stress-free, but librarians do have a more pleasant work environment than many other jobs.

University librarians get paid more than public librarians

It is pretty easy to form a visual representation of a person who works in a particular field or industry. Police officers draw an image of a patrol car and a person in a dark uniform with a badge, doctors are generally shown in their all white medical wardrobes and a stethoscope around their necks and librarians are pictured as a late aged person with a frail frame and bad eye sight. But, like most things in life, our perceptions are generally very far removed from reality.

What if I were to tell you that a librarian isn't just that character you see in the movies? What if I were to even say that librarians can be compared to being as ambitious as high powered CEOs or as respected as a dean of a university. Believe it or not, the library system is much bigger and more complex than many people realize, especially in the world of colleges and universities.

Temple University's library system can be compared to a multi-million dollar company. While there aren't revenues or shareholders, there is most definitely a strategic goal, budgeting, massive ventures such as renovations and expansions, and a large and diverse workforce. The budget for the Temple University system alone is over $24 million a year with more than 150 employees. The lead librarian serves a roll much like a president/CEO of a small company.

Not too long ago the University of California at Santa Cruz completed renovations to their main campus library. The project included a new 81,000 square-foot addition and a renovation to the original 114,000 square-foot library and the construction of a new cafe. During that time the entire library collection of 1.4 million volumes had to be moved twice and still be accessible during the six year construction project. When said and done, the $100 million renovation was a success, in large part to the librarians who had a very important role in the process.

Fitting to the difficulty and experience required to fulfill the role of university librarian executive, head librarian, or dean of libraries, compensation is towards the top of the librarian scale. As an example, the University of California at Los Angeles had an average department salary of $76,648 in 2011, while the head librarian earned $244,599 for that same year. While not all librarians will have the aspirations to reach that position, it is nice to know that if desired, the opportunity is there.

Do you have a real interest in working with the community, improving the education of our future generations and being part of an institution that maintains the history, stories and experiences of our past? If so, then a career as a librarian might be right for you. This resource is designed to provide information on librarian careers, educational requirements, and job specializations to help you decide if becoming a librarian is something you want to pursue.

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