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Surveys consistantly rate librarians as one of the least stressful professions. No job is stress-free, but librarians do have a more pleasant work environment than many other jobs.

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Salaries of librarians with an ALA certified education earn nearly $5,000 more than librarians without certified degrees.

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There are more than 200,000 librarians employed in the USA and approximately 80% of them are women.

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If you're looking for a job that is highly skilled, in demand and involves giving back to your community, then becoming a librarian just might be the ticket. If you take a look at PublicLibraries.com public records you will find information on librarian positions that is taken from Census data. It shows that the average librarian salary is approximately $58,000 and that the number of librarian positions peaked at over 300,000 in the 1990s. There are now just over 200,000 librarian positions nationwide. Roughly 70% are employed in a public setting and the remaining 30% work at either a private library or at a non-profit. Records show that librarians with a master's degree have substantially higher salaries than those with an undergraduate degree.

While the path to becoming a librarian isn't an easy one, it is rewarding and diverse. Like many other jobs today, the key is education. Getting your bachelor's degree from an accredited institution is the first step towards most careers and it is not any different for librarians.

Your focus as an undergrad is your choice though. Whether your interests are in arts, science, psychology or marketing, the experience you gain will be of value towards your career as a librarian. But, as we said earlier, that is just the first step. It is strongly suggested that potential candidates acquire a master's degree in Library and Information Studies from a reputable institution. Some suggest avoiding library science as an undergraduate major if you're going to major in the library field.

Many of your future employers will be required to only choose from those who have earned their degree from a program approved by the American Library Association. Many positions which are governed by state, county or city boards have very strict standards for education which not all institutions are able to fulfill. In addition, many kindergarten through grade 12 schools will stress including a specialty in school librarianship or teaching, from an approved college or university.

Below is a suggested list of ALA approved colleges and university programs that meet the association's high standards. This list can and will change. For the absolute latest information, be sure to visit the ALA website.

Alabama, University of
Albany, State University of New York
Alberta, University of
Arizona, University of
British Columbia, University of
Buffalo, State University of New York
California - Los Angeles, University of
Catholic University of America
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Dalhousie University
Denver, University of
Dominican University
Drexel University
Emporia State University
Florida State University
Hawaii, University of
Illinois, University of
Indiana University
Iowa, University of
Kent State University
Kentucky, University of
Long Island University
Louisiana State University
McGill University
Maryland, University of
Michigan, University of
Missouri-Columbia, University of
Montreal, University of
North Carolina - Chapel Hill, University of
North Carolina - Greensboro, University of
North Carolina Central University
North Texas, University of
Oklahoma, University of
Pittsburgh, University of
Pratt Institute
Puerto Rico, University of
Queens College, City University of New York
Rhode Island, University of
Rutgers University
St. Catherine University
St. John's University
San Jose State University
Simmons College
South Carolina, University of
South Florida, University of
Southern Connecticut State University
Southern Mississippi, University of
Syracuse University
Tennessee, University of
Texas - Austin, University of
Texas Woman's University
Toronto, University of
Valdosta State University
Washington, University of
Wayne State University
Western Ontario, University of
Wisconsin - Madison, University of
Wisconsin - Milwaukee, University of

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